Bonnie Smith

Bonnie smith

Bonnie smith real life

Full Name Bonnie Anna Smith
Age 16
Gender Female
Faction Before Erudite

Bonnie Smith is a character that was created by Xbilliex. Bonnie is Xbilliex's first character ever created on this Wiki. She was born in Erudite but later decided to transfer to Dauntless.


Bonnie was born in Erudite, to Catelyn and Jack Smith. She had an older brother, Dawson and a younger sister, Serena. Bonnie didn't necessarily have a good life.

Jack was a true Erudite, spending most of his time at the library and only returning home late at night. Catelyn was an abusive mother, who was Divergent and experiencing constant haunting flashbacks, beating Dawson and Bonnie regularly.

Serena was neglected.