|  Fate: Alive | Status: Healthy | Height: 5'5 | Age: 16 | Current Faction: Candor  | Faction Born: Erudite |

Marjorie Prescott is a female character entirely made by Biel1458. She was born in Erudite, but once she completed 16 she transferred to Candor. Don't use her in your fan-fictions without her owner's permission. Thanks.

Early LifeEdit

Marjorie was born in Erudite, but never shared the same traits as her friends. She didn't appreciate intelligence and knowledge, instead, she admired the truth and the "art" of being honest. She would always follow members of Candor, and act like one of them, and it was clear since her childhood that she wouldn't stay in Erudite. Even her parents knew it, but she lived her childhood like any other Erudite kid.

Teenage and Aptitude TestEdit

Marjorie got her first boyfriend, a boy from Erudite,when she was 14, and they dated since then. Marjorie was considering to stay in Erudite so she could share more moments with him, but once he cheated on her on the day of the aptitude test, she broke up with him and was more determined than she ever were. During her aptitude test, her results were conclusive, and she earned Candor, obviously. Mentally unstable by the sudden end of her relationship, she even considered choosing Amity to be happy, but she quickly dropped the idea.

New life and Choosing CeremonyEdit

The day came, and it was Marjorie's turn to choose her faction. She could see the faces of everyone in the crowd staring at her, and most people from Erudite glancing at her, but she didn't hesitate in allowing her blood be dropped on a plate with pieces of glass, who resembled Candor. She, along with 2 other boys from Amity were the only ones who transferred to Candor who were born into other faction.


Marjorie didn't meet many people during her initiation, and choosing Candor she wasn't afraid of telling the truth for everyone. She wasn't there to make friends, and people should just leave her alone. On her group, she was ranked #4, and made it through the first stage without any problem, while the boys who transferred from Amity were cut. 

Final TestEdit

On her final test, Marjorie reacted perfectly to the truth serum, and didn't hesitate in telling the truth about all her life. Nobody got surprised when  Marjorie was choosen as the #1 initiate of Candor that year, and she proudly became an official member of the Merciless Mart.